Great Experience In Elevators & Escalators

Highest Standards of
mobility for people and goods

All types of work – from new installation, upgradation and maintenance of elevators and ascalators.
Tight deadlines, reasonable.

  Great Experience In Elevators & Escalators

Brand New Elevator
and Escalators Installation

From the highly standardized to the fully customized, our elevator solutions are perfect for new building projects and renovations.

  Great Experience In Elevators & Escalators

complete Elevator
Modernization design

We provide a complete Elevator Modernization design package to improve the reliability and efficiency of your lift equipment across the KSA.

Al-Hattab Elevator is one of the leading elevators maintenance and installation company in the eastern province and central region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with our successful record of more than 35 years in the market.

Al-Hattab Elevator
 Great Experience And Extensive Knowledge

Solutions For Residentials & Industries!

Al-Hattab have an extensive knowledge and experience of this highly specialized area of such sophisticated industry like elevators. We supply the best materials, the finest designs and the latest innovations of the Korean technology produced by DAESUNG IDS and other global sources (US and European).

Al-Hattab Technical teams are qualified to service and repair virtually all brands and types of elevators. Our engineers and technicians are some of the most knowledgeable, experienced and capable labor in the industry.

Vision, Mission and Goal.


Our Vision

“Raising the level of quality and safety standards for elevator “


Our Mission

“Choose the elevators’ best equipment, best spare parts and the most competitive prices, and install them to withstand the toughest operating conditions for many years”


Our Goal

“Providing better elevators to accomplish the highest degree of customer satisfaction”

 Our Products

Elevators and Escalators


Passengers and Loading elevators


Service elevators


Panoramic elevators


Cars elevators


Hospital and Restaurant dumbwaiter



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